Reflective (mirror) films

Reflective films are the best choice when it comes to heat protection and sun glare protection, and when you want to achieve the mirror effect; that’s why they are called “spy mirror films”. At the same time, there films enable more privacy for the users.
Reflective films’ effect depends on the light intensity. The film will have stronger mirror effect from the side where the light is stronger. During the day, if you look from the outside, spy mirror films are so highly reflective that it is impossible to see through from the outside in, but very well from the inside out. During the night, when the light is on, the effect is opposite. When it’s dark outside, it is necessary to draw the curtains, blinds or find another solution for total privacy.

Because of its mirror effect, together with the heat protection, reflective films are the excellent solution for business space. During the standard working hours (9-17h), when the daily light is strongest, reflective films show their benefits. That is why business spaces with glass surfaces throughout the world, have the mirror films. Reflective films are recommended for business and manufacturing spaces whose primer goal is thermal insulation. Reflective films are ideal for all ground floor buildings because they provide privacy.

Reflective films provide the highest heat and UV protection, while allowing natural light and visibility. The room temperature is reduced and more comfortable for work which significantly impact the productivity of the workers.

Sun glare reduction is one of the biggest benefits of the reflective films. Sun glare of sunny side buildings can be very annoying, affecting also the concentration and focus, especially while working on computers. By installing the reflective films on the windows, sun glare can be completely eliminated.

Reflective films can affect the overall appearance and architecture of the building, even though the visual effect is one of the secondary characteristics of these films. The films are available in different shades and degrees of reflection.