Thermal insulation of the windows

The importance of good thermal insulation of the windows and roofs is well recognized today and is getting more attention. However, the importance of good thermal insulation of glass surfaces is still neglected. Compared to the the modestly insulated walls and roofs, even the highest quality windows have poor overheating as well as heat loss protection.
Heat rejection on the glass surfaces is the most effective way of reducing the room temperature and increasing the efficiency of the cooling system. Thermal insulating foils for window glass are the best solution for heat reduction.

The installation of thermal insulation films on the existing glass surfaces does not require large investments, while the greater effect is achieved in the reduction of heat, since the best thermal insulating glass does not perform as well as the best protective film. The installed film is the most suitable solution for reducing energy consumption, which is increased due to excessive heat coming through the windows.

In order to achieve the best results in terms of thermal insulation, Black Glass recommends LLumar thermal insulation foils, which during the summer period reject up to 85% of total solar heating, while during the winter they retain up to 55% of heat losses. In that way, thermal insulation films provide energy savings throughout the year, or lower heating and cooling costs.