How does a Security Film work?

Security (safety or antivandal) films are widely used in the construction industry. They are installed from the inside of the glass making it stronger and safer.
Safety foils have an extremely strong adhesive assembly with exceptional absorption power composed of highly elastic layers of polyester. Thanks to this structure, the security foils represent a powerful barrier that keeps the glass in place in case of an accident. In this way, safety films provide protection against burglary, as well as protection against injuries in case of glass shattering.

All high-quality foils, especially safety foils, increase the resiliance of the glass, which significantly prolongs the time for break-in, making it almost impossible for a burglar to break your window.

Security Films make glass harder to break, and in case of breakage, the films hold glass pieces together and prevent eventual injuries caused by glass shattering.

Security Films are ideal solution for spaces with windows and other glass surfaces exposed to break-ins. From big companies to small shops, from restaurants to schools, the use of Security Films can reduce or eliminate potential hazards and damages caused by glass breakage. They are often used in exchange offices, as well as in stores with expensive products, such as jewelry and watches shops.

High quality is priority when talikg about Safety Films. Therefore, our recommendation is LLumar Safety Film that has passed the European EN and the American ANSI test with excellent grades. The armed forces of many countries, diplomatic, consular missions, various international organizations, such as the United Nations and numerous European Union bodies, use LLumar Safety Films.

LLumar Safety Films are available in different thicknesses and are generally made as completely transparent and optically clean, but there are also security foils that have dimming, thermal insulation and mirror effect. All LLumar Safety Films contain protective UV filters that reflect up to 99.9% UV rays. This is especially important for stores that keep their goods in glass window shops.

Have a look at the glass breakage test with Llumar Safety film: