10 reasons for LLumar films

1. The biggest foil manufacturer: 
CPFilms, the manufacturer of LLumar foils, within the Eastman Chemical Company, is considered a pieoneer in film production. CPFilms has the largest production facilities in the world (USA), which covers the are of 70.000 m2 and has the capacity to produce 24 million of squares meters of foil per year. 2. Tradition longer than 55 years: 
For more than a half on century LLumar is the leading high-quality foil brand. With more than 55 years of experience, CPFilms has the possibility to meet the expectations of global market and offer its product in more than 10,000 sales centers all over the world.

3. Rounded production cycle: 
CPFilms is the only film producer in the world that is capable of producing a finished product within its own factory. All phases of foil production are being realized within the parent company (deep painting, metallizing, spraying, coating, lamination, cutting), which ensures superior quality.

4. The highest level of quality control
All LLumar films are made in really sterile environment and strictly followed production process. In quality control laboratories, CPFilms controls and adapts its products to the highest professional criteria. Testing begins with the control of raw materials and continues through the entire production process.

5. All needed certificates
LLumar products have all internationally recognized certificates for quality, which follow the highest level of technological achievements (ANSI, BS, DIN, EN, RAR). In the foil industry, the first ISO 9001 certificate was assigned to CPFilms. Each stage of production and trade takes place according to strict ISO 9001 certification.

6. Recommendation of the European Window Film Association: 
Eastman (with its factory CPFilms which produces LLumar films) is a renowned member of EWFA (European Window Film Association), known for its high criteria of quality and business ethics.

7. Recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation: 
LLumar films contain a protective layer that blocks 99.5% of UV rays (unlike other, apparently similar products, which only filter out the UV rays over the layer of adhesives). As such, only LLumar foils are recommended by the Skin Product Foundation as an effective way to protect against harmful solar radiation. 8. Patented scratch-resistant layer:
LLumar films have patented adhesives and a scratch-resistant layer. This makes them extremely stable and ensures the ability of glass maintenance with traditional cleaning methods.

9. The richest choice of different film types: 
LLumar films represent a wide spectrum of films with different purposes. Over 180 film types have their use both in automotive industry and architecture (forbusiness and residential buildings). They are used for thermal insulation and UV protection, decoration, protection against break-ins and glass breakage, protection of cars, scratches and abrasion. 

10. Certified services and installers: 
The producer of LLumar films performs certification of services and installers who have passed trainings in the most up-to-date techniques for foil installation on various types of cars and buildings. Black Glass is an authorized LLumar service and the only Llumar Gold Partner in Serbia, and all Black Glass installers have passed professional trainings and have Llumar certificates that guarantee top-class service.

11. The longest warranty: 
The lifetime of the film is determined by its quality which implies the production technology, as well as the professional standards of installation. Foils of poor quality, within 1-2 years, or even within a few months, change their color and performance. LLumar films come with a 10-year warranty, provided by authorized services.