Demonstration of foil heat insulation

Take a look at the experiment with glasses and ice that shows the effectiveness of the foils. Although completely invisible, LLumar film has provided exceptional thermal protection.

Each of the two identical glasses of water contains an ice cube, and a lamp that emits heat is turned on. As intense sun rays warm a room very quickly, so the lamp warm both glasses very quickly.

After only 14 minutes of warming up with the lamp, the ice cube in the glass without foil has been completely melted. In a long glass, with foil, the temperature was lower by 4.5 ° C, and the ice cube has not been melted yet.

If we imagined us being at the place of the ice cube and the glass being warmed up as our business or residential space, it's clear what is the effect of solar radiation. LLumar foils can provide significant thermal protection as well as energy savings.