Decorative foils

Decorative (or decor) foils represent a simple, fast and affordable solution for the change of the appearance of any glass surface. They are generally used for redecorating office spaces, embellishment of the interiors of the shops, restaurants, cafes and hotel rooms, and they are more frequently used in residential buildings.
The main types of decorative films are:
  • Color films (the most common are white, black, yellow, red, blue, green...)
  • Frosted or milk films of different nuances and transparency
  • Patterned films(like dot, net, striped, squared, with ice effect...)
By combining different types of decorative films, it is possible to make a variety of decorative solutions - from simple ones, such as horizontal or vertical lines, which are created manually, to unique machine cut solutions in the form of specific symbols or logos.

Large corporations usually opt for frosted foils for buildings, made according to their logos and graphic standards, which are usually placed on glass partitions between offices.

The majority of decorative glass films allow light transmission, while at the same time disabling the view to the interior of the room, making it an easy and elegant solution for privacy protection. They are ideal for office spaces that need to be visually separated, as well as for ground-floor rooms that are exposed to passers-by. They are often installed on the windows of the warehouses and toilets, as well as on the glass shower surfaces.
Decorative films don’t require special maintenance, and can be removed at any time, bringing back glass surfaces to their original state. They are ideal solution for branding of rented office spaces since they can be installed and removed very quickly.

In Black Glass you can see different types of LLumar decorative films in various colors, patterns and textures. In case you still want something different, Black Glass team will create a custom-made solution according to your requirements.