The producer of the world’s leading foil brand

The beginning of the company that produce LLumar foils is associated with the '50s, when Jules Hermes began to paint fibers that were used for carpets in Martinsville, Virginia. The company was later renamed "Martin Processing", and soon became famous thanks to its development and achieved quality.

In 1989, Courtaulds bought the company "Martin Processing" and other foil manufacturers and founded "Courtaulds Performance Films" ("CPFilms"). Over the years, Courtaulds has been continually developing its drive by purchasing innovative machines, such as coating, lamination, scratch-free layers, silicone protective coating, metal spraying and mating.

Since 1998 „CPFilms” works within „Solutia” group, the leader in artificial materials and special chemicals production, until 2012 when the well-known “Eastman” bought „Solutia” group for 4,8 billion dollars.

Eastman Chemical Company is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of chemicals and other materials. The company was founded in 1920 in the USA and at the beginning it was a part of “Eastman and Kodak”, who produced chemicals for imaging products.

Today, Eastman Chemical Company hires over 10.000 people in different locations worldwide (in the USA, Europe, Asia), producing key elements for a wide range of resources that have been applied in everyday life (from a wide range of films, colors that give light to cars, through electronic screen reader elements, to external wrapping for medicines).

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