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Black Glass is a specialized tint installer for automotive tints, wraps and protection films, as well as for architectural window films.

Leader in architectural film installation

    Over 10.000 m2
    of films installed

    The only
    installer in Serbia
    licenced by Llumar
    300 m2 per day
    with a team of
    certified installers
    10 years
    with a certificate
    in writing
    Solar films,
    safety films and
    decorative films

Architectural Window Films

Architectural Window Films are a simple and quick solution to enhancement of commercial and residential buildings. They are applied to the inside surface of the windows, doors and other glass surfaces. There is a wide variety of window films, and they are usually differentiated by their main purpose: Solar Window Films (energy efficiency), Security Films (safety), Decorative Window Films (aesthetic enhancement or advertising).

Black Glass services

Window tinting

From 0 to 100% tinting
UV protection up to 99.5%
Up to 15ºC reduction
7-12 year warranty

Car wrapping

Glossy or matte car wraps
Decorative or branded films
Invisible paint protection films
3-5 year warranty

Car glasses

Reparation of car glasses
Replacement of windshields,
side and rear glasses
10 year warranty

Black Glass Academy

Become Certified Installer,
for Window Tinting,
Car Wrapping and
Architectural films
Black Glass Beograd


Black Glass Drag Race