Invisible foil with visible benefits

For those who want to achieve maximum invisible sun protection in their homes, the right solution is LLumar UV Protection film.
LLumar UV Protection films provide different types of protection:
1. Skin protection from harmful UV rays:

LLumar UV Protection Films are thin, light and practically invisible, and at the same time the most efficient films in terms of UV protection. They block up to 99,5% UV rays filtering out almost all harmful rays which are thought to be responsible for skin cancer. That is why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommend LLumar UV Protection Films. Part of the sales revenue coming from these films is given to the research centers as a small contribution for further skin cancer research.

2. Eye protection from unpleasant sun glare:

Blinds, venetian blinds, curtains cover windows disabling the view to the outer world. UV Protection Films improve comfort in the interior, allowing you to see outside and enjoy a great view. Professionally installed UV Protection Film is practically invisible and optically very clean. By reducing sun glare, these films reduce eyestrain giving the impression of better optical sharpness.

3. Preventing furniture from fading:

Most materials, furniture and artwork can be damaged or faded only because sunlight passes through untreated windows. Parquet, furniture, carpets, fabrics in the apartment and office spaces in direct sunlight lose their original color and decay very quickly. Clothes and footwear in shop window can lose the original color in a couple of days if directly exposed to the sun rays. With UV Protection Films, furniture is completely protected from fading.

4. Injury protection :

In addition to protecting us against harmful sun rays, UV Protection Films also provide protection against injuries due to glass breakage. The films retain the broken glass together preventing the glass shattering that can cause injuries.