Window film lifespan

The Life Espextancy of Window Film is destermined by the quality of the film, that is the production technology, as well as the professional standards of installation.

It is not always easy for people out of industry to evaluate the quality of the film and installation, but the results of poor quality foil and unprofessional installation will certainly become visible after a short period of time. Window film which after a while begins to peel off and change color is of poor quality. Such film has no good performance especially in terms of thermal and UV protection. The warranty itself will not mark a difference between good and poor quality material. Of course, the foil without any warranty and the service that installs it are not a good choice.

It is important to choose a high quality established manufacturer with long production tradition. The worls’s famous manufaturers are members of the European Foil Association (EWFA) which has high requirements in terms of quality, which is a good starting point when choosing a foil.

Our recommendation is LLumar window film of superior quality. With more than 55 years of experience LLumar is one of the world’s leading brands in the foil industry. Eastman Chemical’s LLumar foils are manufactured in the USA and the United Kingdom under very strict supervision and control so that they comply with all international laws and quality standards (such as ISO 9000 or ISO 9001 certification). Known for their patented scratch and corrosion-resistant coating, LLumar foils are durable and there is practically no need for special maintenance.

Once you choose window films, you need to select a licensed service authorized to install these foils. The best window films require the best installers, because even the best quality films will not perform well if not professionally installed. LLumar certified services and their certified installers use the latest tools and techniques for foil installation according to the highest standards.

For premium performance films that are installed according to the highest standards, licensed services provide written warranty. The warranty can range from a few years to over ten years. However, it is important to know who releases the warranty. You should check the work tradition of the service as well as whether it is licensed by the film manufecturer, since it often happens that small services open and close on a daily basis.

LLumar foils can be certified exclusively by authorized LLumar services where installers have passed the professional examination. Black Glass is an authorized LLumar service and the only one LLumar Gold Partner in Serbia, and all Black Glass installers have passed professional training and obtained LLumar certificates.

Black Glass provides you with a 10 year warranty. The written warranty guarantees that the foil will not change its appearance and characteristics over time and will not peel off. When installed professionally, the film significantly improves the functionality of glass surfaces, which is reflected in energy savings, greater comfort and better protection.

Professionally installed films don’t require special maintenance. They are maintained as regular glass. Thanks to the protective anti-scratchlayer all the foils are maintained with regular cleaning products, paper towels or glass cleaning cloths.