Heat protection

Overheating is not pleasant either in residential or business premises. Aggressive sunlight significantly reduces concentration, cause eye strain and fatigue. Curtains, venetian blinds and blinds can reduce sun glare but do not have heat and UV filters.

Thermal insulation (stopsol or solar) films provide superior thermal protection. By blocking solar heating from the outside of the glass, thermal insulation films significantly reduce the temperature and filter harmful solar radiation while simultaneously allowing transmission of natural daylight.

Thermal protection is just one of the key factors influencing the decision of foil installation, and also a key measure of the quality of the film. For best results in terms of thermal protection, we recommend LLumar thermal insulation films that can reduce the inside temperature up to 15ºC during the summer period. LLumar thermal insulation films block up to 99.5% UV rays and reduce up to 87% of the glare, making computer work or watching TV much easier .

By such a reduction of solar heating, the space becomes more cozy and pleasant to work and stay. This reduces the need for intensive use of air conditioning, as the desired temperature is achieved much faster and with less power consumption. That is why thermal insulation films are one of the key elements for achieving energy efficiency. Buildings with LLumar thermo-insulating foils can achieve energy savings of 15-20% during the summer period.

Thermal insulation films can be reflective (like a mirror, that is why they are also called “spy mirror films”) and non-reflective (totally transparent or slightly tinted).

Check out the video test which shows the heat protection effect: