Shower cabin films

A fast and simple solution for protection and enhanced looks of your shower stall.

Shower stall films


    Crystal clear shower stall,
    without hard-water stains

    Creative solution for shower stalls
    according to your wishes

Hard-water stain protective films

Shower stall glass surfaces are quickly fouled and difficult to clean due to the hard- water stains build up that damages the glass surface.

Shower stall hard-water protective film is a new trend, because it is proven to be the best solution for long-term protection and preservation of all types of glass surface shower stalls and panels.

High-quality protection films for hard-water stains contain Hydrophobic and Easy- clean protective layer that blocks up water, eliminating in that way hard-water and glass oxidation stains.

By installing hard-water protective films your shower stalls will be crystal clear and look new without special maintenance

Benefits of protective films

Invisible and crystal clear: Hard-water stain protective film is totally transparent (just like glass) and doesn’t change original looks of the glass surface. The film can not be noticed during the installation process.

Double protection: In addition to hard-water stain protection, this film protects glass from scattering, because it keeps the shards in place preventing eventual injuries and

Easy to clean: Up to 90% time saving. Provides great comfort with cleaning and maintenance of shower stalls.

Solution that pays off: The film is installed only once, and shower stalls are used every day! After a couple of years the glass looks like new with 100% protection from glass corrosion and hard-water stains build up.

Installation of protective films

Hard-water stain protective films are applied from the internal side of your shower stall which gets in touch with water. The installation procedure takes about 1 hour, with long-term benefits and effects, 5-6 years on average, and sometimes even longer.

This film is ideal solution for new shower stalls, but is also applied on used shower stalls with previous detailed cleaning and glass preparation. You should wait 24h upon installation before the first shower.

Shower stall film maintenance is easy and it doesn’t require unpleasant cleaning and use of strong chemicals and abrasive cleaners. It should be enough to wipe the glass with a cloth wet or a sponge using water and foam and the glass surface will look like new.

Shower stall decorative films

Decorative films are a creative and affordable solution for an enhanced appearance of shower stalls. They are available in different colors, patterns and designs.

Decorative films are installed from the exterior part of the shower stall. They are easy to clean and fingerprints are not visible on the glass surface. They are long lasting and can be removed easily.

The most popular shower stall films are frosted glass films that provide privacy hiding the view from outside. These films offer a bunch of various decorative solutions – from simple lines, squares, dots to innovative designs created on your demand. Release your imagination, and we will come up with the solution according to your wishes.

Shower stall film design

Pricelist for films with installation

Film type EUR/m2
Protective films 30
Decorative films 30
Warranty 2 years

Pricelist for films with installation

Film type Warranty Price EUR/m2
Protective films hard-water stain protection 2 30
Decorative films different colors and patterns 2 30