Recommendation for UV protection

It is often thought that we are exposed to harmful UV radiation only when it is sunny. It certainly has the greatest impact during the summer period, but it is present throughout the year.

UV radiation has a significant impact throughout the year, especially on people with sensitive skin. Doctors warn us that ultraviolet rays can cause various illnesses such as premature skin aging or even skin cancer that might occur only later in life. However, most people think of a protection against UV radiation only while staying outside and forget that they are exposed to UV rays in their homes and businesse spaces that have large glass surfaces.

In addition to influencing people, UV radiation has a negative impact on all objects behind the glass surface through which pass these harmful sun rays. UV rays cause color decay on clothes, furniture, floors. Most materials, furniture and artwork can be damaged or faded only because daylight passes through unprotected windows. Parquet, furniture, carpets, fabrics in the apartment and business space in direct sunlight lose their original color and decay very quickly.

Different types of goods in shop windows dacay due to UV radiation. Clothes and footwear in shop window can lose the original color, in just a few days if directly exposed to the sun rays. Bright lines appearing in all materials are a sign of damaged goods.

The solution to the problems caused by harmful sun rays is the installation of UV protective films. We recommend LLumar foils that block up to 99.5% UV rays, while simultaneously allowing free transmission of natural light. In this way, LLumar window films help keep your skin healthy, but also keep your furniture, carpets and other objects from color damage and fading.

It is important to point out that UV protective films are produced in differentnuances.

They can be tinted or completely transparent without additional tinting or reflection inside as well as outside. Completely transparent films with UV protection are ideal solution for shop windows, because they are invisible and prevents goods from damage.