Is your apartment energy efficient?

Windows have important role in regulating heat and energy consumption. Old windows are generally drafty, but new windows also have a disadvantage of giving away and receiving a lot of heat through the glass surface.

From 30 to 50% of the average household costs are redundant because of unnecessary loss of heat through untreated windows. During the summer period, sun blasts throug windows make the inside of the room too hot, so that intensive air conditioning is a must. In the winter, heat loss through windows burdens the heating system. Both cases result in higher costs.

One of the most affordable ways to improve the energy efficiency of the windows is the installation of thermal insulation films. They represent a simple and very efficient way to protect the interior from excessive heating during the summer, or heat loss during the winter. In this way, with the use of protective window films, energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

LLumar window films block up to 85% of total solar heating during the summer, while preventing up to 55% of heat losses. In this way, window films enable energy consumption throughout the year, cutting heating and cooling costs.