Window Film Fields of Use

Architectural Films improve functionality and appearance of glass surfaces and significantly contribute to energy savings, resulting in reduced costs, increased comfort and privacy, more efficient UV protection as well as protection from break-ins and eventual injuries caused by broken glass.
Considering the fore mentioned benefits, it is clear that there are many various fields of foil use, such as:
  • Business spaces, especially those in glass buildings with sunnyside office spaces, which has a negative impact on empoyees’ concentration and productivity; 
  • Stores with goods which need to be protected from overheating and fading caused by UV light;
  • Stored with luxury goods, such as watches and jewelry stores, that need to be protected with safety foils which are a real obstacle for burglars;
  • Gas stations with large glass surfaces, with goods that should be kept from overheating;
  • Schools and clinics which by installing foils achieve a more pleasant work atmosphere, and provide security from injuries due to glass breakage (the foils hold together pieces of broken glass)
  • Shopping malls with large glass surfaces in the interior which should be protected with safety films in order to protect visitors from possible injuries that can occur in case of glass breakage,
  • Restaurants and cafes which want to provide a pleasant and more appealing ambient, reducing at the same time costs of energy consumption; 
  • Public buildings, where it’s not allowed to install air conditioning, making the installation of thermal insulation foils necessary during the summer period; 
  • Public glass buildings that need to be protected against vandalism, such as graffiti. The foils can be easily replaced, thus eliminating the need to replace the glass that is ten or even twenty times more expensive than the installation of the foil.
  • Private houses and apartments in which it is necessary to improve the thermal insulation of glass surfaces, as well as to provide privacy and protection from burglary.
  • Ground floor buildings, private and business spaces, where it is necessary to provide privacy, and protection from passers-by curiosity.
  • On the cars, buses and other means of transport, which require a special type of foils. 
Whether it's a residential or office space, as the world's leading brand of foils, LLumar has been raising quality levels of well-known buildings all over the world. From the Buckingham Palace, to the Vatican and the Chrysler World Center, LLumar meets the expectations of even the most demanding costumers.

During the years of work, the Black Glass team had the opportunity to install foils on numerous business and residential buidlings, homes and appartments, schools, heritage buildings etc. such as Belgrade Airport, Air Serbia, Fiat Kragujevac, EKO gas stations, Rolex Belgrade, Avala Hotel in Budva, Emotion “Veliki brat”, Nebojsa Tower of the Belgrade Fortress. Find out more about Black Glass reference list: