To your taste

Tastes differ and possibilities are endless. Black Glass offers a wide selection of ready-to-use solutions, but also printing and cutting of custom-made films.

Film types

Thermal–insulating films

Reflecting films
Non-reflecting Vista films
Transparent films for front windows


5 types of films
classified by protection level


Frosted films
Films with patterns
Colour films
Custom-made films


  • Reflective film (mirror effect) – darker
    Heat protection approximately 79%, 99% UV protection

  • Reflective film (mirror effect) – lighter
    Heat protection approximately 69%, 99% UV protection

  • Non-reflective film – several shades
    Heat protection approximately 58%, UV protection 99%
    Gentle tinting films without a mirror effect.

  • Transparent films for shop windows
    Heat protection approximately 58%, max UV protection 99.9%
    Transparent protection of goods displayed in the window from fading.


  • Glass with a safety film

  • Glass without the safety film