Quality Guarantee

Top quality films and expert installation guarantee quality. This is why Black Glass issues a 10 year warranty on the installed films.


The pricelist has not changed since 2006.
Prices are in EUR and payments are made according to the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia.
The pricelist pertains to surfaces up to 10m2 in Belgrade,
while special discounts are given for surfaces exceeding 10m2.

Some prices may vary due to the type of windows,
height and location of the building in question.
In addition to Llumar films, Black Glass can offer installation of films from other manufacturers,
lower in price and of different characteristics.

Pricelist for films, with installation

price in EUR / m2 < 10m2
Reflective - Llumar 17
Non-reflective - Llumar Vista 17
Transparent - Llumar AU 85 22
Llumar 1. klasa 16,5
Llumar 2. klasa 13
Llumar PS4 19
Llumar PS7 23
Llumar PS8 29,5
Llumar PS11 42,5
Llumar PS15 62,5
Llumar N1050 PS4 26
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