The combination of certified installers and experience in work on the most diverse buildings in the region guarantees a top quality service.


  • Experience
    Over 10,000 m2 of films installed

  • Licence
    The only installer in Serbia licenced by Llumar
  • Professionalism
    300 m2 per day with a team of certified installers
  • Warranty
    10 years, with a certificate in writing
  • Wide selection
    Thermal-insulating, decorative and safety films

Installation procedures

The best films require the best installers. Even the highest quality films will not display their full potential if they have not been installed properly. Films with air bubbles, peeling, indicate low quality of the film and inadequate installation.

Black Glass’s installers have been expertly trained to install architectural films. You can rest assured that an installer from Black Glass has at his disposal the most advanced tools and technique needed to install the film according to the world-recognized standards.

When installed correctly, the film will increase the functionality of glass surfaces, which will reflect on energy savings, higher comfort and better protection.

Maintenance and warranty

Black Glass service provides a 10 year warranty for the films installed.

The films require no special care or maintenance.
They can be cleaned using the conventional cleansers, paper towels or glass cleaning cloths; treatment with sharp objects should be avoided.